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Webinar Host Kristal M. Johnson

Kristal M. Johnson is an international speaker, trainer, and author. She has coached & trained thousands across North America, Europe, and Africa to collectively raise $200 million from funders and individual donors over the past decade.

Kristal empowers people to be assertive and fundraise without fear. Because of first-hand experience, both in nonprofit development and marketing, she is a sought-after speaker and content producer for many organizations, including international grant consultancy firms and economic development councils.

Kristal provides proven, time-tested fundraising strategies that consistently well as programs & resources that won’t be found anywhere else.

I recently did a webinar for Bloomerang titled The Assertive Ask with over 1,000 attendees. I received so many questions! This webinar is a follow up to get your questions answered. Here is the link to purchase the ebook before the next webinar: Assertive Ask Introduction.

Here are the questions covered in this webinar:

  • How many meetings do you need before having the meeting to make the ask?
  • How do you know how much to ask for?
  • What if you're a brand new org and you don't have an extensive history or any tour opportunities?
  • When do you make a donation ask after the tour? at the end of the actual tour, two weeks later?
  • Hi Kristal, what do you think about the long term ask? i.e. "Renew 2030"
  • What if you do work internationally and cannot show people your work face to face?
  • What are some free and affordable resources available to help small startup nonprofit with fundraising?
  • We give tours all day long. So what's our next step, and how do we answer that question?